Child Consultation

What is Child Consultation?

Child Consultationn helps parents understand how their children are feeling and coping when there is conflict or difficulty in the family or separation and divorce. Every child’s development is significantly impacted by conflict. A child consultation assists parents to create the best environment for their children in difficult circumstances.

Kate MacKinnon is a Registered Clinical Psychologist and specialist trained in child consultation.

Who would Use it?

Families / parents and separated/divorced parents experiencing difficulties and conflict, who want to put the needs of their children first.

How does this work

  • Parents attend a counselling session where the need for child consultation is  assessed.
  • Child consultation session where the child is encouraged and supported, through drawings and play, to explore their experience. They are not asked to make family decisions
  • Feedback session is arranged with parents.
  • If desired follow up sessions with parents several weeks later can be arranged