Separation and Divorce

Separation is a major Life Change for anyone.

When couples separate they can be overwhelmed by the difficulties they face. Yet many very important and difficult decisions need to be made about the future at this time. Children grieve the losses of separation just as parents do. Their sense of loss can be particularly difficult when the parents are in conflict. Research indicates that ongoing parental conflict is detrimental to children.

Do you need to find positive solutions for :

  • Yourself?
  • Your Children?
  • Your Future?

Working with a psychologist can help you clarify and resolve the issues you may be facing and gain the skills to go forward and make sustainable changes in your life. Would you like some professional support to assist you in dealing with this change in your life, the emotional issues it raises and the adjustments that are required?

Counselling Services can include:

  • Individual counselling through the separation process and planning
    for a new life
  • Conflict management
  • Positively managing children during and after separation
  • Parenting Issues
  • Counselling the children
  • Step-parenting programs

Professional support is helpful in learning to cope with life changes and to discover a new purpose and meaning in your life.