What is Mediation?

The Family Law Act requires most couples to mediate before proceeding to the Family Court.
Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution is an informal alternative to the court process. It is a voluntary, confidential process where issues of concern can be dealt with in a safe, constructive, well-structured way that facilitates resolution and mutual agreement.

Mediation can help you:

Agree to sensible arrangements for your Children covering:

  • Where they will live
  • Contact with parents and family members
  • Parenting decisions such as schools and child-care

Avoid lengthy and costly litigation

  • Avoid bitter, ongoing conflict
  • Look to what is best for your children
  • Have happier, better adjusted children
  • Reach settlement on property, assets, superannuation, child support and maintenance
  • Resolve family business decisions
  • Sort out your problems quickly
  • Make your divorce work for both of you
  • Become a more successful parent
  • Build a new life
  • Be happy again!