Relationship difficulties?

Relationship difficulties?


Do you make all sorts of promises to yourself, and each other, about not arguing any more…and before you know it you and your partner are having yet another painful disagreement?  Couples can very easily trigger each other unintentionally.  Relationship researcher John Gottman claims certain ways of communicating between a couple can predict separation and divorce with over 90% accuracy. If you find yourself criticising your partner, withdrawing, becoming defensive or contemptuous, then changing these habits of relating could save your relationship.  Finding the time and space to listen, be interested and stay up to date with what is happening in each others lives may take a few extra minutes each day but it can be time well spent.

As a Clinical Psychologist at MacKinnon Psychology, I am able to do this work with couples, helping them as they work together to learn new skills to communicate in a constructive way and add value to their relationship.

More on this next time….

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