Mediation – Workplace and Community

Conflict Resolution

Mediation can help you:

Helps Business and the Community find positive solutions for their:

  • Employees
  • Residents
  • Organisation or Community group
  • Future

Unresolved conflict at work causes a great deal of stress, anguish and lost productivity. Well-trained and valuable staff leave or they become stressed and unproductive. Their value is lost to themselves and the organisation. Confidence suffers unnecessarily and discontent spreads to other staff.

What type of disputes are suitable for mediation?

Disputes with clients, between staff, contractors community and neighbourhood disputes; discrimination issues; harassment and communication breakdowns.

There is a Better Way to Deal with Conflict.

Mediation with Kate MacKinnon can Help You:

  • Agree to sensible arrangements for your staff
  • Avoid lengthy and costly litigation
  • Avoid bitter on-going conflict
  • Enhance staff engagement with their work
  • Have happier better adjusted employees
  • Resolve workplace problems faster
  • Turn conflict into opportunity
  • Build a better workplace or community
  • Be happy and productive again